Hi all, we’re back in town! Hope you’re all fine?

At the end we disappeared a bit from the radar… We spend 1 1/2 month in the wonderful tropical jungle of Costa Rica, in this idyllic coastal town Nosara. Submerged with yoga and embraced the Pura Vida lifestyle. Costa Ricans (Ticos) use this term to say hello, to say goodbye, to say everything’s great, to say everything’s cool. However, it is not the words that reflect the true meaning of ¡Pura Vida!. Pura Vida is the way Ticos live. Not surprisingly, Costa Rica has been named one of the happiest countries in the world, mostly because its inhabitants don’t stress about things the way most foreigners do. Ticos have a very relaxed, simple way of looking at life. No worries, no fuss, no stress—pura vida to them means being thankful for what they have and not dwelling on the negative.

And we can tell you: we didn’t struggled to adapt to that lifestyle at all 😉 !!

It’s no wonder Nicoya Peninsula, where Nosara is located, belongs to the Blue Zone.  Blue Zone is a concept used to identify a geographic area of the world where more people live to be centenarians (past 100 years) than elsewhere, as described in Dan Buettner’s book, “The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from People who Lived the Longest.” He identifies longevity hotspots in Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Ikaria, Greece; Loma Linda, California: and Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Scientists and demographers have classified these longevity hot-spots as having common healthy traits and life practices that result in higher-than-normal longevity.

So we lived in a total different pace with now internet, healthy and powerful food, surf and lots of yoga and fitness for the mind! Our daily rhythm basically consisted of:

  • Wake up at 6 AM for a surf session in the tropical ocean and meditation practice
  • Breakfast with fresh tropical fruits and colorful smoothies straight from the jungle
  • 2 1/2 yoga practice
  • Fuel the body with fresh salads, other clean food and ice cold ice tea’s ( mint, cinnamon, lemongrass etc. )
  • Several teacher training labs to develop skills and grow as a yoga teacher
  • Afternoon yoga practises and sunset sessions
  • Dinner with fresh clean food
  • Evening lectures about yoga philosophy, anatomy and so on.

Eat, sleep and repeat the other day! ( And every now and then a little dance ore a ice cold beer to balance the lifestyle 😉 )

Besides that we met so many inspiring people from al over the world with each there own unique and powerful story. YES, that’s why we love to travel and have this big passion for sports, yoga and surf!

We can’t wait to see you again, share our inspiration and start with our brand new yoga workouts! But unfortunaltely there is a little issue. Yesterday we had surgery and bad luck we’re not allowed to sport & teach for the upcoming 3 weeks. No worries we’re all oke but the doctor told us to keep our rest and fully recover before heading back to yoga workout.

So going with the pace of life, we hope you can adopt the ‘Pura Vida lifestyle’ a bit and be patient.  We promise to be back as soon as possible!

Pura Vida!


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