The upcoming weeks we follow our passion for yoga, surf, sports and wanderlust. We travel to Costa Rica! Yes, we bring our love for the urban culture to the jungle.


Oke let’s be honest, we’re not really keen on the short and cold winter days. So we going to soak up the sun, experience serious tropical jungle adventure and enjoy some good bikini surf at the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Wanderlust big time!


But above all we will follow a three-week intensive vinyasa teacher training to deepen our yoga practice and knowledge. To learn, to keep open minds, to challenge ourselves in our mental and physical knowledge and well-being. With one focus in mind: coming back to our city with a travel bag full of new knowledge and fresh energy. To spread the word, smash the stereotype about yoga and make people enthusiastic the join our yoga movement!


We got in contact with California native yoga teacher Shiva Rea. Here yoga style, approach, training program, school and over 20 years experience immediately attracted us. Apart from our shared passion and love for water, surf and travel. She is the founder of the evolutionary yoga style Prana Vinyasa. Which has a lot of similarities to our CONCRETE urban yoga workouts. She offers yoga movement through trainings, festivals around the world and online knowledge programs based on her latest books.


And so she will from December till January in Nosara. A small Costa Rican beach town with a strong surf and yoga culture, which has brought sophisticated health conscious people from all over the world. For us the perfect winter hangout where our passions for surf and yoga comes together. So things have actually come full circle because surfing introduced us to our more professional steps in yoga. There are so many similarities and advantages between yoga and surf regarding focus, balance, strength, mind & body and so on. That made us hooked to both. Maybe later more details about that, but for now: “Shiva, bring up the good vibes, we’re curious and keen on some serious practice and inspiration!”


Talking about joining the movement. We’re extremely grateful for you support over the last year! Proud of all of you, seeing you work and play hard in our yoga workouts! So of course we won’t fully disappear from the radar and leave you behind in December and January. We love to keep you posted about our jungle adventures and keep you attached via this blog with inspirational yoga stuff. So meanwhile you can keep up your own practice!


So, enough talk for now. Guys close your eyes for one moment, breath in and slowly out and imagine:

A small beautiful beach town surrounded by jungle and wildlife. Relatively undeveloped with the cleanest beach and clearest ocean in your backyard. One need only walk down the remote and dusty roads to pop into a café under need a palm tree ore watch a stunning sunset to understand why. A place, named by National Geographic as one of the top surf and yoga towns in the entire world. It is called Nosara.





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